jose blowing minds

Jose Luís Rodríguez is Software Engineer and he is actually working as CTO at Tlc10 Mobile developing and maintaining apps for mobile devices.

  • vertical flight android logo

    Vertical Flight

    In Vertical Flight the most important thing is to reach the finish line in the shortest time possible.
    Fly your hang glider and enjoy it in four different environments, avoiding obstacles and collecting bonus stars to get the best time.
    It's not an easy game, which level will you reach?

  • one click translate android logo

    One Click Translate

    OneClickTranslate, your pocket dictionary, is a multi-language translation tool for translating from a source language to multiple target languages with a single click.
    There are two available versions OneClickTranslate y OneClickTranslate PRO at Google Play.

  • prime risk prima de riesgo android logo

    Risk Premium

    Risk Premium for Android brings you the Risk Premium rates for up to 25 countries.
    You can share the rates using any application that supports the share as Twitter, Whatsapp, Mail...

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