oski blowing minds

Oscar Sahun is Industrial Engineer and got a Master’s Degree in Videogame Design and Development. He works as freelance Game Designer and 3D Artist.

  • Melanogaster title


    Educative point&click web game, kind of graphic adventure, subsidised by Spanish government to foster scientific research amongst teenagers.

    You can play Melanogaster: Catch the Fly! for FREE.

  • Rabbit Run title

    Rabbit Run

    Complete design of Rabbit Run, endless running game, to be released for mobile by Kitmaker.

  • Game of Kingdoms

    Game of Kingdoms

    Complete design of Game of Kingdoms, social game based on the iOS hit We Rule, to be released for mobile by Kitmaker.

jose blowing minds

Jose Luís Rodríguez is Software Engineer and he is actually working as CTO at Tlc10 Mobile developing and maintaining apps for mobile devices.

  • vertical flight android logo

    Vertical Flight

    In Vertical Flight the most important thing is to reach the finish line in the shortest time possible.
    Fly your hang glider and enjoy it in four different environments, avoiding obstacles and collecting bonus stars to get the best time.
    It's not an easy game, which level will you reach?

  • one click translate android logo

    One Click Translate

    OneClickTranslate, your pocket dictionary, is a multi-language translation tool for translating from a source language to multiple target languages with a single click.
    There are two available versions OneClickTranslate y OneClickTranslate PRO at Google Play.

  • prime risk prima de riesgo android logo

    Risk Premium

    Risk Premium for Android brings you the Risk Premium rates for up to 25 countries.
    You can share the rates using any application that supports the share as Twitter, Whatsapp, Mail...

ricky blowing minds

Ricard Mestres is Industrial Designer and 3D Artist. He is CEO at publicity firm Aparenta and works in advertising and product design.

  • Have a Camper Day

    Have a Camper Day is a funny weather app designed for Camper available online and for iPad. It allows users to play with different atmospheric elements as if they were musical instruments.
    Awards: Bronze SOL (websites and minisites), Silver C de C (interactive media).

  • Los Celtunis

    They are six white funny monsters that can be painted designed for milk branch Celta to advertise their products in their website.
    Meet them here!.

  • Miravete de la Sierra

    Online guided virtual tour and goat milking game. This tour takes place in Miravete, a small Spanish village with only 12 inhabitants characterized by its tranquility.
    You can see it online here.
    Awards: 2 Gold, 4 Silver and 1 Bronze in Cannes (Promotional and Direct Marketing), 2 Silver SOL (Website and Campaign), 2 Bronze IMAN (Viral Marketing and Media).

  • Blackville

    Interactive experience in a virtual city where it is always nighttime. Users have to pass different tests to unveil Blackville secret.
    Try it here!.
    Awards: Gold SOL (best website); Grand Prix OJO Interactivo, Silver IMAN (webs and microsite), Silver C de C (website), FIAP Silver (hot sites), Interactiva Silver (online campaign), One Show Merit Award (websites, corporate images) Laus Trophy (online campaign).

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