ricky blowing minds

Ricard Mestres is Industrial Designer and 3D Artist. He is CEO at publicity firm Aparenta and works in advertising and product design.

  • Have a Camper Day

    Have a Camper Day is a funny weather app designed for Camper available online and for iPad. It allows users to play with different atmospheric elements as if they were musical instruments.
    Awards: Bronze SOL (websites and minisites), Silver C de C (interactive media).

  • Los Celtunis

    They are six white funny monsters that can be painted designed for milk branch Celta to advertise their products in their website.
    Meet them here!.

  • Miravete de la Sierra

    Online guided virtual tour and goat milking game. This tour takes place in Miravete, a small Spanish village with only 12 inhabitants characterized by its tranquility.
    You can see it online here.
    Awards: 2 Gold, 4 Silver and 1 Bronze in Cannes (Promotional and Direct Marketing), 2 Silver SOL (Website and Campaign), 2 Bronze IMAN (Viral Marketing and Media).

  • Blackville

    Interactive experience in a virtual city where it is always nighttime. Users have to pass different tests to unveil Blackville secret.
    Try it here!.
    Awards: Gold SOL (best website); Grand Prix OJO Interactivo, Silver IMAN (webs and microsite), Silver C de C (website), FIAP Silver (hot sites), Interactiva Silver (online campaign), One Show Merit Award (websites, corporate images) Laus Trophy (online campaign).

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