Blowing Minds

Videogames provide interactive, outstanding and unique experiences that can be linked with products and services, offering a richer experience. In addition, they are a perfect tool to build customer loyalty and to create an active online community.

At Blowing Minds, we believe playing is the best way to learn: Gamification (turning an activity into a game) allows transmitting new ideas and complex concepts easily so that users, customers or employees can absorb them without effort while having fun in the process.

Videogames as means or format have no temporary nature, are always available, boost virality, their impact can be easily assessed and they usually provide a high return of investment.

Do you need to boost your company or products image?

Would you like to offer new products or services?

You can achieve anything with a videogame and we can create it for you at Blowing Minds.

We develop games on all platforms based on your objectives:

  • We analyze your needs.
  • We design together a tailor-made game.
  • We develop a completely customized game.
  • We advise you on publishing and business model.

We would like to work with you! Hire us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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