Brain Aliens: Earth Invasion

Are you intelligent enough to stop the Alien Invasion?

We are being invaded and Prof. Cerebellum is recruiting bright minds to fend off the attack.

Brain Aliens: Earth Invasion is an innovative brain training game for mobile devices that will test your capabilities to the limit:

  • Experience the full brain training games potential in your mobile thanks to its innovative interface
  • Enjoy and laugh thanks to the hilarious story giving sense to the game
  • Train your brain playing 10 different minigames (memory, logic, math...). You may become a genius!
  • Compete with your family and friends and show your capabilities to the rest of the world to become Earth’s saviour

Brain Aliens: Earth Invasion has been considered by Genreación APPS one of the top 10 apps for kids developed in Spain in 2016. Awards ceremony took place during appKIDS event in the International Kids Communication Festival El Chupete.

Download Brain Aliens: Earth Invasion for iOS Download Brain Aliens: Earth Invasion for Android

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